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    Shades of Green, Inc. is a small ecological design and permaculture education firm located in Asheville, NC. Incorporated since 2008, we are dedicated to building a resilient human community through designing and installing edible and medicinal landscapes, teaching Permaculture through various modalities and with a variety of communities, and collaborating with forward thinkers, educators, visionaries, and professionals to create a world of abundance and joy for all.

    Guided by the Ethics and Principles of Permaculture, Shades of Green, Inc. is committed to a triple-bottom-line practice: making regenerative business decisions which take into account right livelihood while nourishing both the local community and the environment. Permaculture is a design system which seeks to integrate humans into the landscape in a way that is healing for both. Together we can create a vibrant and healthy world for our children's children.

Ecological Design, Installation, and education

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